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The Most Convenient and Reliable
Petroleum Transport Services

   With over 38 years in the petroleum industry, M. Raess & Son Trucking, Inc., RT Service & Repair, Inc. and RT Leasing, Inc. are recognized as the Midwest’s Leading Professional Petroleum Transporters, Truck
& Tank Trailer Welding, Testing, Fabrication, Repair as well as the Leasing of Class 8 Trucks & Petroleum Trailers.

Company Profile

   Headquartered in Carol Stream, Illinois, we are a Family owned and operated organization. Our Business’ “Prides” itself on specializing in exceptional service and quality second to no one. Throughout our history, we have always aspired to provide the highest level of quality and service on every single delivery, repair and lease – no matter how large or small. Because of this, we have developed a prestigious customer roster in which we have built respect and maintained long term relationships with, while meeting and surpassing the needs of today’s customer’s.



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